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A visit to Chapel Country Creamery

Started the day with a trip to see our local dairy farmer Trisha and Jarred Boyce of Chapel Country Creamery. Being fairly familiar with farm life growing up in Midwest Wisconsin, I wanted to learn more about their cows, cheese, and other dairy products. I wanted to see how happy their cows are, as you probably know, happy cows = better cheese. We also talked about future ventures of our own proprietary cheese and wagyu beef, I got to see the cows, the cheesemaking process and how dedicated Trisha and Jarred are to their farm. I asked many questions about their feed, their pasture in which they graze and their lineage. Most of the their cows have been from the same family for over 50 years. I knew once I left there I needed to put as much love into our cheese service to match their love of their cheese.

One of the highlights was meeting their son. He was so energetic. I don't think I have ever met a little human that loved cheese more than him. I think he eats if from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Probably mid day snacks too. I know he will probably grow up to be the future of cheese making.

I left the creamery with so many ideas, we will see can come up with.

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