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Philosophy: Every Plate Counts

Cooking can be fast and furious, but when you slow it down and realize that you are only as good as your last plate you come to the truth that every plate counts. 

This is my way to teach and remember that every plate should be treated the same with exactness, precision, and love.

It shouldn't matter who you are cooking for, your mother, significant other, the VIP at table 11, every plate counts. How do you know that the guest at that corner table isn't a Michelin Inspector, a CEO for a hospitality company, or simply a lover of food? 

Every plate counts puts your mise en place front and center. Is your physical and mental inventory ready for a great service? Are you going to cook with love or cook in worry that you aren't ready? 

It's with this approach that we care for every guest that joins us for a culinary adventure at the Inn at Perry Cabin.  Our team looks forward to serving you on your next visit. 

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