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Gregory James is the Executive Chef at the Inn at Perry Cabin.  Chef James has been involved in the hospitality industry for twenty-five years and has spearheaded and collaborated the culinary efforts at acclaimed restaurants in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Charleston and the Napa Valley. 

Gregory began his culinary at fifteen and has never looked back. Chef's beginnings can be traced much further back though. Gregory's parents owned and operated restaurants since his birth. With restaurants embedded into his DNA its no wonder why he has answered the calling of a chef. 


Chef James has also received a number of awards and accolades for his innovative approach to food in both state and national food competitions. He in fact was a world finalist in the 2014 World Food Championships and the “top chef” in the Flavors of the West Culinary Competition in 2016. Most recently he took top billing at the Maryland Oyster Stew Chef off winning with his Lemongrass & Ginger infused traditional version. 

Chef Gregory oversees the culinary operation at Inn at Perry Cabin as he is known for bringing a creative and fun approach to the dishes. Chef's techniques to mentoring and developing culinary talent helps keep the kitchen moving forward and striving for excellence. 

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