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It's important to continue to learn. Try new things, take risks. When creating a new dish it is important to sit down and eat the whole thing, not just take a bite or two. You have to experience it as a guest would. How does it feel in your mouth? How does it make you feel inside your soul? Does it make you crave another bite? Do you get bored of it after a couple mouthfuls? These are all questions you have to ask yourself. I love tasting food with my team and figuring out how to perfect a dish.

Today we were trying some wood oven roasted sweet potatoes sourced locally from Baywater Farms in Salisbury, MD. We then wrapped the potato in nori, sweet potato miso and shredded sweet potato. The sauce was a savory caramel sauce featuring our house-made menhaden fish sauce. This fish sauce took weeks to make. Garden Aromatics like sangria peppers, wood sorrell, corn flowers, and chervil garnish the dish. A pinch of Barrier Island Sea Salt from the Delmarva Peninsula finishes the dish.

We all really enjoyed the dish, in the end we decided it needed more acid to cut through the rich buttery sweet potato and caramel sauce. Tomorrow we will try again.

Stay Hungry,

Gregory James.


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